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What are the Risks Tow Truck Drivers Face on the Job?

When you experience a roadside malfunction with your vehicle, it is simple and easy, as a customer, to just call a towing company and know that the solution is on its way. But when you are the solution, meaning the … Read more

Car security

Best Car Alarms in the Market

For several decades now car alarms have been an important measure against car theft as well as for keeping belongings left in our cars safe (costly car audio and multimedia systems for instance). As with many other security devices, car … Read more


Protect Your Motorcycle from Theft

Houston is a busy area, and at times it becomes very crowded. Drivers like yourself choose to avoid some of this congestion by driving a motorcycle. It’s easier to park, it takes up less space, and it can maneuver in … Read more

Towing Houston Infographic

Here are our most requested towing and roadside assistance services in the greater ares of Houston

Houston Flooding Life Saving Tips

People don’t set out to drive in a flood, but sometimes unexpected floods do occur. If you’re driving in heavy rain and if it is in any way possible avoid driving into a flooded area, try to find an alternative … Read more

Safety tips while waiting for a towing service

Safety tips while waiting for a towing service

Waiting for a tow truck to arrive can be a dangerous business. From the risk of other drivers to potential roadside attackers, you never know what you might come up against. Delta Towing of Houston wants you be safe. That’s … Read more

Long driving tips

Have you started planning your spring break vacation yet? If so, are you planning a drive with friends? We at Delta Towing of Houston have been providing service throughout spring breaks to many students making their long ways by cars, … Read more

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Getting towed usually comes with a bad feeling. This is mainly because a car accident on the way to work or even parking in the wrong place will get your car on a flatbed. Either way, it’s not funny. Here’s … Read more

How Emotions Affect Driving

Imagine that you are driving and the driver before you drives too fast, cuts from one lane to the other, or drives really slow. You probably think that the driver is using his cell phone while driving, or that maybe … Read more

Types of tow trucks in the market

Types of tow trucks in the market Houston residents have several options when it comes to the types of tow trucks in the market today. When talking with a Delta Towing customer service representative, one should ask which types are … Read more