Driving safely during houston flood

Houston Flooding Life Saving Tips

People don’t set out to drive in a flood, but sometimes unexpected floods do occur. If you’re driving in heavy rain and if it is in any way possible avoid driving into a flooded area, try to find an alternative route.
Some areas are prone to flash floods, but in other areas floods occur after a long, heavy rainfall. Rivers will rise and break over their banks, and drains and sewers might overflow, causing roads to flood.

Drivers have to exercise extreme caution when driving in floods, there is always a very real danger. Flood water can wreck your car but the consequences can be fatal.
Flash floods are the number one weather-related killer in the United States — most flood fatalities happen because people try to drive through deadly waters rather than avoid them. (Source: Federal Emergency Management Agency, 2005)

Here Are A Few Tips To Get Out Of The Flood Safely:

  • As mentioned, steer clear of floods if you can. If floods have been forecasted and you absolutely need to be on the road use an alternative route. If you reach a spot where the water looks deep (deeper than 6 inches) turn around and take another route.
  • Drive slowly, in first gear, and steadily when driving through deep water so you don’t cause a bow wave, also let oncoming traffic go first. If you can, park on the side and watch how the other cars navigate the water, that way it will be easier once you try to drive through the flood water. Be very careful because you cannot see the road when it is covered with a heavy layer of water, there might be holes on the road where the water is suddenly deeper.
  • If the water is flowing fast do not attempt to drive – you could be washed away.
  • Beware of power lines that might have fallen due to the harsh weather. If you see that the power lines are down do not approach that same area.
  • Look out for large items that might have been washed down the road with the flood water, they may be dangerous.
  • If your car stalls, try to restart it, this might be difficult if your car is extremely wet. If you are not able to restart the car and the water starts to rise, leave your car as quickly as you can and try to reach a dryer (higher) place.
  • If you have stopped or are driving slowly keep your headlights on at all times so that other drivers can see you.
  • Always be considerate of the other drivers during a flood.
  • After leaving the flood water test your breaks.
  • If your engine cuts out after being in the flood water do not attempt to restart the car, call a professional to assist you.

If you have been caught in a flood anywhere in the greater Houston area and need emergency towing services, give us a call right now!