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Tips on How to Prepare Your Car For a Long Ride

Have you started planning your spring break vacation yet? If so, are you planning a drive with friends? We at Delta Towing of Houston have been providing service throughout spring breaks to many students making their long ways by cars, and we noticed how many of the problems we fixed could have been avoided simply by preparing correctly for the ride.
Here are a few tips on how to plan ahead and have a smooth and carefree ride to your spring vacation or to any long distance driving.

  • Tires

    Interestingly enough, most problems we have encountered students having on their rides were tire problems, such as flat tires and tire explosions in the middle of the road. You should make sure that the tires on your car are not older than a couple of years. They should all be the exact same manufacturer and size and they must be properly filled with air in order to guarantee decent traction with the road.
    When a tire is not fully inflated, it tends to expand and is much more susceptible to busting in the middle of driving. Also note that driving on a warm road can greatly increase a tire’s chance of failing if it is already not adequate.

  • Gas

    It always seems like a given, but having a car properly filled with gas is a leading cause for unnecessary breakdowns of cars on the roadside. Other than taking your car out for a long drive with a full tank of gas, you might also want to know the location of gas stations along the road, and if you can, also take a special gas canister with you as a reserve.

  • Battery

    An ever important feature of a car mechanics we should also be fully aware of is the condition of our car battery. Car drivers usually appear dumbstruck whenever their battery dies and they are in need of a cable jumpstart. Have booster cables that are working in the trunk of your car, and be aware of the state of your battery. How old is it, when was it last changed? These are things that can help you infer if your battery will run through the long drive.

  • Who will be driving the car?

    As a rule, this is always something which is best to clarify before taking to the road. If you and a couple of friends are driving the car, it is the safest to let each person drive for no more than a few hours. Make sure to stop and get refreshed at the various stops on the road every now and then. For this to be feasible, make sure who is eligible to drive the car. Check with your insurance if your friends are fit to drive it.

check your car before a long distance driving

Have a great and safe trip, and be sure to plan ahead!