How To Protect Your Motorcycle from Theft

Protect Your Motorcycle from Theft in Houston

Houston is a busy area, and at times it becomes very crowded. Drivers like yourself choose to avoid some of this congestion by driving a motorcycle. It’s easier to park, it takes up less space, and it can maneuver in places that cars simply can’t. All in all, it’s a great way to keep yourself moving and to get from place to place without too much trouble. However, because motorcycles are so exposed, they’re much easier to steal than cars. July is “watch your car” month in Texas, and you’re going to want to remember that for your motorcycle, too. You’ll want to do whatever you can to protect your motorcycle from theft, so here are some tips to do so.

Motorcycle Security Tools

One of the best ways to prevent theft of your motorcycle is to use proper security tools. Install a motion detection alarm system that will activate without a proper secure disabling code. Few criminals expect an alarm to go off when they steal a motorcycle, so it will immediately deter most from taking off with your bike. Immobilizers are another good tool for preventing anyone but the one with the correct key device from being able to turn on the motorcycle engine. Lock the ignition and use other locks to keep it secure, such as a fork lock, a disc brake lock, a U-shackle lock, or even a padlock. We have all of these locks available at Delta Towing of Houston, so call anytime to discuss motorcycle security with one of our professional towing and locksmith technicians.

Protect your Motorcycle

Other Security Solutions

There are other solutions as well that can ensure that you protect your motorcycle from theft. One basic one is using a cover. Even a simple cover for your motorcycle will deter many from trying to steal it because it takes longer to get to the actual bike. And then what do they do with the cover after they’ve removed it? This makes it more likely for someone to see them stealing the bike. Another solution is to be careful where you park the vehicle. To make it harder to steal, park your bike right in front of a security camera, or park it at a difficult angle or in a hard to reach location. A quick getaway is necessary for a thief, so smart parking is a perfect solution.

Protect your Motorcycle

Delta Towing

For even more advice and security help to protect your motorcycle from theft in Houston, call us at Delta Towing of Houston. Our technicians are well experienced and well versed in vehicle security and will be more than capable of helping you out.