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Roadside Assistance

The Strangest Roadside Assistance Stories

The Strangest Roadside Assistance Stories Having worked in the roadside assistance business for over a decade, we’ve heard quite a few stories that made us shake our heads in disbelief. We’re not talking about drivers who forget to fill up … Read more

Roadside Assistance Trucks

Towing Capaity

Towing Capacity of Different Car Brands What is Towing Capacity? Towing capacity is how big a trailer you can hitch to your vehicle and drive it safely. In order to determine the towing capacity of your vehicle, you need to … Read more

Window Security Gates

Window Security Gates There is nothing more important than securing your home when you’re away or at night. It all begins with a  strong set of iron gates for your windows. Home security systems are typically the next step up, … Read more

Home Security Sensors

Stay Safe in Your Own Home A sensor is the main way that a home security system gets information. If a sensor is activated then this tells the system that there is a problem and that the alarm needs to … Read more

Car security

Car Security

Keeping Your Vehicle Safe How many times have you been woken up at night because of some annoying car alarm? As irritating as that sound may be, it can also help safeguard your vehicle. The main objective of a good … Read more

Electric Vehicles for a Green Environment

Why Go Electric? A few years ago, no one would’ve even considered going electric, but with the increasing prices of gasoline, people are slowly reconsidering. Electric vehicles, also known as a plug-in vehicle,  gets most or all of its juice … Read more

Carkeys in ignition

What to Do When Your Key is Stuck in the Ignition

Don’t Panic Imagine being stuck behind the wheel of a car that won’t start. It’s bad enough if you have to change a flat, but it’s even worse if your key is stuck in the ignition. Keys are made of … Read more

What Types of Safes are There?

Towing Houston Services Protection from theft or fire? What about general safekeeping? Each scenario has its own safe type! ANTI-THEFT: Perhaps the most commonly requested type of safe, these are the kind that are all about the locks. The locks … Read more

Business Security System

Is your company, office, store and business wanting to ramp up its security? Perhaps you have been the victim of a burglary or (touch wood!) want to prevent one from occurring in the first place? Maybe you’ve had a security … Read more

The Most Beautiful Cars

1) Jaguar E Type: Hands down the favorite amongst our automotive mechanics and technicians, the Jaguar XK-E is a classic among classics. The creation of aerodynamics engineer Malcolm Sayer, it sauntered onto the scene elegantly in 1961 and proved to … Read more