What are the Risks Tow Truck Drivers Face on the Job?

What are the Risks Tow Truck Drivers Face on the Job?

When you experience a roadside malfunction with your vehicle, it is simple and easy, as a customer, to just call a towing company and know that the solution is on its way. But when you are the solution, meaning the tow truck driver, that is a whole different story right there. Being on the road more time than not and driving a tow truck, has its risks, no doubt about it. Roadside risks surround us all, but when you are a tow truck driver on the job you have to deal with greater risks and bigger problems, on your own, as a professional.

Risks and Solution on the Road

Here are some of the main risks tow truck drivers face on the job:

  • Speeding vehicles – when you're on the job, taking care of a challenging situation so your customer can get back on the road, your complete attention is dedicated to resolve the situation. However, you are not alone on the road. Speeding vehicles pass you by, sometimes so close they make the hairs on the back of your neck stand. In order to avoid such risks the careful tow truck driver must use as many protective measures as possible. Such measures include a reflective triangle that will be placed a safe distance before the vehicle and warn drivers something's happening, high visibility jacket that will make it easier for oncoming traffic to see that someone's on the side of the road, and any other available means.
  • Driver interruptions – when it comes to our vehicles, we are concerned and sometimes overprotective. We're worried that someone will damage them even if that someone is trying to help. So when a tow truck driver is trying to resolve a messy situation, they are often interrupted by the drivers themselves, as they are not even aware they are slowing down the job and making it harder to resolve the problem. Furthermore, recurring interruptions may cause the towing technician to lose concentration and actually cause damage to the vehicle, to the tow truck, to themselves, or to others. The proper solution to this kind of risk is to inform the driver that this can be a complex situation that requires you, as the tow truck driver, to be fully concentrated and focused during the process, in order to deliver safe and efficient results.
  • Unexpected and dangerous surroundings – the road is a very dangerous place, especially when a vehicle gets stuck in the middle of nowhere. Ravines, loose rocks, and even wild animals can pose a danger to the unaware tow truck driver. The proper solution to this kind of risk is to make sure you use your truck's light rack to work in a well lit environment, and to always be aware of your surroundings. Knowing what's around you can make things a whole lot easier and safer.

Changing tire on the roadside

It's Your Life –

Never forget – danger on the road is always present. Therefore you should never be complacent or distracted, especially when you are a professional tow truck driver, who witnesses roadside disasters all the time.

As a customer, you should always remember the tow truck driver is responsible for your safety and for the safety of those involved. Try to make it safer and easier for the tow truck driver to perform their job undistracted, as it is your life and their life we are keeping here.

Drive safe everybody!