What kind of tow truck do I need? | Delta Towing

Types of tow trucks in the market

Houston residents have several options when it comes to the types of tow trucks in the market today. When talking with a Delta Towing customer service representative, one should ask which types are available as not all tow truck companies use the same kind. If you know which types of tow trucks are available, you’ll be able to make a better, more informed decision.

With that said, there three main types of tow trucks in the market. Houston residents can choose between having their vehicle towed by a flatbed, hook & chain tow truck, or a wheel-lift tow truck.

For those concerned about a minimum of wear and tear on the vehicle, a flatbed truck is the optimum choice. This is because flatbed tow trucks have an empty bed that the entire vehicle is loaded upon. This means that all four wheels of your vehicle are in the air. This is one of the safest, most effective means of towing a vehicle from one location to another without the risk of scratches and dents. We have found that many people prefer having their vehicle towed with a flatbed tow truck, whether that’s a tow to a local garage or a long distance tow to an entirely different city.

A hook & chain tow truck used to be one of the most common types of tow trucks in the Houston area. You may have heard these types of wreckers called “sling trucks.” You’ve likely seen them arriving at the scene of an accident, or at apartment complexes, hooking up vehicles and hauling them off to be impounded. Now, these types are mostly used only to haul cars from the area of accident because using the “hook & chain” actually scratches and dents your car.

A wheel-lift tow truck is very similar to a hook & chain tow truck. These types lift the front wheel of your vehicle off of the ground and take it to the location of your choice.

Remember that there are three main types of wreckers in the field that Houston residents can choose from. If you have questions about any of them, we recommend that you give Delta Towing a call, and allow us to give you a professional answer!